New Transcription: Lalande's Benedictus Dominus

Jun 11, 2014

Shortly I will be releasing a new transcription of Michel Richard de Lalande's Benedictus Dominus. This is a rather exciting release for me as I believe that it is the first modern edition of this piece to be published. It is scored for 5 part choir (S,A,T,B,B), 3 soloists (Soprano, Alto, and Baritone), 1st and 2nd violin, 1st and 2nd Viola, Cello, Bass, and Continuo.

I will release it as a single digital download that contains PDF files for the full score, choir, and all instrumental parts. It also includes an optional color cover for both the full score and the choir score making the work look great when bound. A license will also be included granting permission to reprint as many copies as required for your group or event.

Currently we are updating our site to make it easier for everyone to sign up, see all of their past downloads and download them again if needed. I will also package all of the music currently available as a single digital download for each piece. Finally, we are implementing a shopping cart so that some of the new music can be for sale. All of the existing music will remain completely free, as well as a number of new pieces that will also be posted soon.

I expect Lalande's Benedictus Dominus to be released by the end of this month. I hope you will enjoy it!